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  • Longevity Booster Elixir for Spray Fragrances

    For women (and men too) looking to enhance the longevity of their favorite spray perfume, using Maison d'Orient Longevity Booster Elixir Oil as a base first on the skin is an ideal way to get the most out of your fragrance. By applying a few drops of perfume oil to the skin and spreading it before applying your spray perfume, the scent will last longer and be more intense. The Maison d'Orient Booster Elixir Oil is a barrier, trapping the smell and keeping it from evaporating quickly. Additionally, the oil will allow the scent to absorb better into the skin and last longer. By using this Elixir Oil as a base before applying a spray perfume, you can get the most out of your favorite fragrance and enjoy its scent for much longer.

    Maison d'Orient offers its Longevity Booster Elixir in three distinct scent profiles:
    1. Oud-Based Booster extends and adds a hint of woodsy oud.
    2. Musk-Based Booster extends and adds a hint of musk.
    3. Neutral Booster extends with minimal impact to the spray fragrance scent profile.

    Not sure which extender is ideally suited for your needs? Consider our Sample Pack of Scented Boosters, which contains all three (3) Booster Elixir Oils in a 3mL sample size and see which works best for you.

    Product Highlights:

    • Extends spray perfume longevity and performance for many additional hours.
    • Help trap the spray perfume scent and keep it from evaporating quickly.
    • Scented versions add intensity when layered with your favorite fragrance.
    • Works with any spray perfume concentration such as Parfum (EDP), Colognes (EDC) and Eau de Toilettes (EDT).
    • Available in three distinct scent profiles; Oud, Musk and Neutral.