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  • Magnus ♀♂ Perfume Oil

    This blend embodies success, vision and strength.

    Bold, fruity, woody. Magnus is the pinnacle of an enticing fruity fragrance. A divine blend of fruits and woody notes. The smell is strong and demanding of attention. It’s sexy and, like you, knows exactly what it wants. Feel confident, sophisticated, and like a magnet that will attract all you desire.

    This fragrance will define your style and empower you to be you with its bright invigorating aromas. Magnus opens with fruity musk through dominant notes of pineapple, apple, blackcurrant, and bergamot. Add that in with dark woody birch and musk, for creativity. Juicy fruit notes with pronounced dark notes. As the fragrance dries down the ambergris comes out to add another sophisticated feeling to the already masterful blend of scents.

    Magnus will draw an array of compliments when you wear it and its long-lasting scent stays with you throughout your busy day.

    Olfactory Information:
    Top notes: Apple, Bergamot, Black Currant, Pineapple (Fruity)
    Middle notes: Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Rose (Woody, Floral)
    Base notes: Amber, Moss, Musk, Vanilla (Fruity, Green, Woody)

    Fragrance category: Chypre, Fruity

    Every artisan blend batch is unique;
    We use natural ingredients in our niche perfumes and fragrance oils. Because the climatic and seasonal conditions during harvest tend to change, the properties of the aroma and colour of the fragrance will change, resulting in slight variations in the product itself or its colour.