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Mamoul Gharam 80g


Oriental Bakhoor

A delicate and lightly fragranced bakhoor with detectable fruity notes of apples and oranges that give way to a rich agarwood finish. The smoldering smoky base of agarwood, cedar and amber create a sophisticated scent that is evocative of eastern earthy flavors.

This bakhoor is a great choice for homes because it fumes very well and has a moderate to heavy woody aroma. It can be layered with fragrances and perfume oils that are not woody enough for your taste.

Olfactory notes;

  • Orange, Pear, Green Apple, Freesia, Jasmine, Gourmand, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Amber and Musky

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Customer Reviews

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Love ❤️

I received this as a sample gift three weeks ago along with other two kinds. It smells really good and the fruits add such a great touch to it. Would definitely recommend this to someone who loves a twist of sweet scents.