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    Mubakhar Oil CPO: A Journey Through Eastern Elegance - 3 ML

    Unveiling the Essence of Tradition and Modernity

    In the realm of luxurious scents, a masterpiece emerges, blending the ancient mystique of the East with the refined sophistication of modern perfumery. Mubakhar Oil CPO, a unisex oil perfume, invites you on an olfactory journey that bridges continents and cultures, embodying the essence of unbridled luxury and deep-rooted tradition.

    Gender Profile: Unisex - A Harmonious Blend of Mild Animalic and Smokey Scents

    Designed for the discerning individual, Mubakhar Oil CPO transcends traditional gender boundaries, offering a scent profile that is both mild and animalic with hints of smoke. It's a fragrance that complements the natural essence of the wearer, creating a unique aura of power and elegance.

    Olfactory Information: An Exquisite Oriental Blend

    Mubakhar Oil CPO is an opulent blend of the finest Oudh from India/Hindi and Cambodia, meticulously crafted to capture the spirit of Oriental luxury. The heart of this fragrance lies in the Dahn Al Oud Hindi, extracted from the most expensive Oud chips found in Assam, India. These chips are aged and mastered to perfection, releasing a woody, herbal, earthy, and uniquely clean fragrance. This scent not only empowers the wearer but also leaves an unforgettable impression on those who encounter its magnificent aura.

    The essence of Prestige Oudh from Cambodia introduces a novel interpretation of the traditional woodsy perfume, seamlessly integrating the fresh delights of the Mediterranean with the opulent Eastern fragrances. This luxurious, refined scent evokes the wonder and mystique of oriental alchemy, creating a modern masterpiece that resonates with the soul.

    Notes of Distinction

    • Top Note: Indian Oud - A captivating introduction, Indian Oud sets the stage with its complex, rich, and slightly spicy aroma, inviting intrigue and fascination.

    • Heart Note: Bangladeshi Oud - The journey continues with the essence of Bangladeshi Oud, weaving a tapestry of herbal, earthy notes that ground the fragrance in authenticity and tradition.

    • Base Note: Cambodian and Indian Oud - The fragrance culminates in a harmonious blend of Cambodian and Indian Oud, creating a lasting impression with its deep, woody undertones and a hint of smoky mystique.

    Encased in Elegance

    Mubakhar Oil CPO is presented in a meticulously crafted bottle containing 3ml of concentrated oil, ensuring that every drop releases the most luxurious aromas. This fragrance is more than a scent; it's an experience, a statement of prestige, and a testament to the enduring allure of oud.

    Experience the Ultimate in Luxury

    Mubakhar Oil CPO is not just a perfume; it is an invitation to experience the ultimate in sophistication and allure. It's a fragrance that speaks to those who appreciate the finer things in life, who seek to embody elegance, power, and a touch of the exotic in every moment.