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MUZN is a unisex fragrance that leans feminine, however a man with self confidence and a love of fruity and woody notes will enjoy this. The opening is unique with a combination of salty marine and melon accords that will seduce your senses with its soft balmy, and aquatic like scent. Men and women alike will enjoy the attention they receive from wearing this fragrance.

The soft hint of salty melon continues on this journey as you experience the heart notes. You are surrounded by a sensual musk which replicates the feeling of warm sun kissed skin, while the sandalwood is exotic, sweet, creamy, smooth, and warm.

In the base, there’s a hint of fruit which is slightly sweet and blends seamlessly with a sensual amber note. The result is a warm, sweet, musky, rich and powdery scent that wraps you in a cloud of exotic luxuriousness. MUZN is perfect for women and men who prefer a fragrance that sits closer to the skin, but is still powerful enough to attract attention with its soft balmy essence.

MUZN is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 6, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

Gender Profile: Unisex (leans slight Feminine)

Olfactory Information:

  • Top Note: Marine Salt, Melon
  • Middle Note: Musk, Sandalwood
  • Base Note: Fruity, Amber

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca H
Rich and Layered

This scent always surprises me at how much I enjoy it, even hours after having put it on. I use it sparingly and yet still get compliments on it almost every time I leave the house.
Definitely a favorite!