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Oud Afgano 100 ML EDP


OUD AFGANO is a richly smooth unisex fragrance. It was crafted for men and women who love an oud that is not over powering, and will not overshadow their unique personalities. It opens beautifully with Indian agarwood and labdanum. The agarwood is woodsy with hints of spice, while the labdanum is sweet, soft, and very cozy. You will experience a very warm, resinous scent, that embodies a smoky nuance which is mysterious and intoxicating.

The heart of this fragrance features a delightful note of tonka bean which is a mix of sweet, spicy, nutty, herbaceous, and woody accords. Its scent is complex and sweet like vanilla, with enticing notes of spices and tobacco which play off of the opening notes.

In the dry down you are wrapped in a luxurious blanket of rich white amber. It is warm, sensual, exotic, musky and resinous with hints of powder and spices. The aromatic experience will leave you feeling pampered and lavished. OUD AFGANO is the perfect fragrance if you want to feel extravagant and exude class.

Gender Profile: Unisex

Olfactory information:

  • Top notes: Labdanum and Indian Agarwood
  • Heart notes: Tonka Bean
  • Base notes: Rich White Amber

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smokey, woody, oud kind of smell

I was expecting oud Hindi, oud wow kind of smell but it was like dark oud kind of smell. I don't know how does it smell the base note. At first woody, Smokey and oud kind of smell. I hate tonka beans smells but this has a lot.

Willie W
Another Oud

Oud Afgano is a middle eastern oud with a sweet, fresh twist. Very nicely crafted.

Rigo M

I love it, and so does the people that smell it on me, it last for many hours once it settles. I will buy again.

Kavita NAIR
Strong. Sensual. Enticing.

This fragrance is masculine and sensual.
My 14-year old son requested to wear it to his first school dance. He received numerous compliments. And now he calls it his signature scent. I must admit I do tend to "borrow" it to add to my pulse points before I layer it with a soothing floral or musky fragrance. It's brilliant for layering under a soft fragrance. A must-have for men and women who prefer strong and sensual fragrances.

Chris Rule
Great product

I really enjoy this scent. It’s powerful enough to make an impression, but is also subtle and complex, particularly an hour or so after being applied. I’m very satisfied with this product and my purchase.