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    OUD AL EMARAT (SHARQIYAT) 100 ML EDP emerges as a fragrance that embodies the essence of the night, wrapped in the mystery and splendor of the Middle East. Crafted by SHARQIYAT, this unisex scent is designed for those who carry the night with them, offering a rich tapestry of aromas that are both captivating and luxurious. With main accords that harmonize rose, amber, and oud, complemented by warm spicy and floral notes, OUD AL EMARAT presents an olfactory journey meant for cooler days and nights.

    • A unisex scent that is perfectly suited for cooler weather, providing warmth and depth.
    • Luxurious main accords that blend the richness of rose and amber with the complexity of oud.
    • An elegant composition that transitions smoothly from vibrant top notes to a deep and resonant base.
    • Encased in a 100ml bottle, signifying SHARQIYAT's commitment to luxury and craftsmanship.
    OUD AL EMARAT (SHARQIYAT) 100 ML EDP is more than just a perfume; it's an invitation to experience the allure and mystery of the night through a scent that lingers and captivates, making it an essential addition to any fragrance collection.

    Note Breakdown:
    • The fragrance opens with the opulence of Turkish Rose and the exotic warmth of Saffron, setting a lavish stage.
    • The heart reveals the depth of Indian Oud, a rich and compelling note that adds complexity.
    • It settles into a base of Amber, Incense, and Sandalwood, weaving a finish that's both profound and resonant.
    Olfactory Profile:
    • Top Notes: Turkish Rose, Saffron
    • Middle Notes: Indian Oud
    • Base Notes: Amber, Incense, Sandalwood