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Pacific Isles ♂️

Fresh, Woody, Spicy

Pacific Isles is inspired by sunny Pacific Islands scents. You will be refreshed with a wave of energy composed of tasteful combination of bergamot, hyacinth, lemon and floral notes of rose, jasmine, violet and ylang-ylang. All of it is intensified by amber, musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

Lushes, green, realistic. This blend will take you on a journey through nature and immerse your senses in its reality. For those who are seeking something exciting, new, and unique.

Pacific Isles starts off green-fresh in its top notes, moves into a radiant jasmine/rose, and, softened by buttery orris, it dries down to a woody and spicy warmth.

Olfactory Information:
Top notes: Bergamot, Galbanum, Hyacinth, Iris, Lemon, Tuberose
Middle notes: Aldehydes, Clove, Jasmine, Orris Root, Rose, Spicy Notes, Violet, Ylang
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver

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