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    Immerse yourself in a world of curiosity where anything is possible! Unleash your imagination and allow yourself to be carried away on the waves of your dreams. The RESOLUTE SILVER Eau de Parfum by Khalis can help you with this easily. The fruity composition of the fragrance is made for all dreamers who love new adventures.

    » a fruity, floral fragrance
    » a fragrance inspired by freshly fruity and sweet tropical accords
    » for everyday wear

    The initial scent of this Eau de Parfum has fruity notes of lychee, kiwi and quince. The middle notes of the fragrance will tantalise your senses with delicious white chocolate, sweet cupcake and floral notes of jasmine and orchid. The base notes of the fragrance are made up of woody notes, musk and orris root.

    Gender Profile: Feminine

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Litchi, Golden Quince and Kiwi
    • Middle Notes: Jasmine and White Chocolate
    • Base Notes: Orris Root, Musk and Wood

    Fragrance Category: Fruity, Floral