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  • SHAGRA 3.4 Oz / 100mL Eau De Parfum Spray

    Olfactive Profile: Gourmand · Sweet · Spiced Powder

    SHAGRA Eau de Parfum translates from Arabic into "Blond Haired," when vibrant Saffron meets a Cane Sugar accords. A powerful fragrance that projects and resembles nothing but confidence onto the wearer.

    SHAGRA dazzles all around you, especially when you compliment it with a confident personality. Developed as a part of a joint effort with a renowned psychologist in Kuwait, SHAGRA entertains the idea of using Olfactory Sensory Experience Regulation as a part of a self-healing attempt by our perfumer. SHAGRA Eau de Parfum. To our surprise and astonishment, it passed with flying colors as a fragrance that helped multiple fragrance fans, during its course of development, establish the space to enumerate all their shy personality traits and emerge recognized and validated.

    SHAGRA is Loud! SHAGRA is sweet! SHAGRA says come take a bite of me!

    Finely crafted in luxuriously weighted smoked dark amber glass, the bottle features an Ottoman (Fez Hat) Tarboosh Tassel to signify its place within the roots of our Collezione Orientare creations.

    Olfactory Information:
    • Complex (Saffron, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper and Oud)

    SHAGRA eau de parfum, a unisex blend, is part of the Collezione Orientare Intense (Intense Oriental Blends Collection), a carefully curated set of fragrances that will allow you to explore a unique olfactive aspect of our creations. The series includes:

    1. MAZYOON 100mL (Spiced Gourmand · Oud · Citrus)
    2. AROUB 100mL (Fresh · Spicy · Green · Aquatic)
    3. SHAGRA 100mL (Gourmand · Sweet · Spiced Powder)
    4. MOHRA 100mL (Fresh Spice · Oud · Citrus)
    5. ANFASS 100mL (Oud · Green · Mastika · Spice)

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    PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.