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This authentically loomed shawl is made of 100% cotton and measures 47 x 47 inches (over 15 square feet of awesomeness), which makes it versatile in many fashion application. It is traditionally known as Keffiyeh, Kufiya, Hatta or Shemagh scarf. They are carefully and skilfully made in Hebron (south of Holly Land of Jerusalem) and imported directly in order to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and authenticity.

You can dress them up or you can wear them with casual outfits such as jeans and a tee. The large size allows them to be worn as a neck scarf or used for a wide variety of other purposes such as a protective head covering, a handy towel or a comfy throw blanket. Unlike lesser quality scarves, ours are incredibly soft and extremely comfortable. They are made out of a breathable cotton material which keeps you cool on hot summer days and warm during the cold winter months.

Unlike the tradition mono colored military style scarf, this collection of NASEEJ shawls is both colorful and exciting. It is ideal for any use by both men and women with almost any outfit. Choose from over 16 available colous.

Hand Wash Cold

Hirbawi KufiyaHirbawi Kufiyakufiya hirbawiHirbawi Kufiya Keffiyeh Hatta

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