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  • CPO Sample Kit (21 Vials Combo)

    Sample Type

    Experience Oud Wood Perfumes in Oriental Arabian Attar Oil Style

    We understand how hard it is to try something new, especially when it is a blind-buy or when there are so many selections to choose from [especially if you are new to Oud Wood Perfumes (Oil Based Perfumes)]. To make your exploration of our Oriental Fragrances and Attar Collection (Concentrated Perfume Oil) creations easier, we are now offering a comprehensive CPO Sample Kit, which contains 21 samples vials (filled to just under 1 mL each) of our current releases.

    Swiss Arabian Oud Perfumes in this Sample Set are all Alcohol Free Oil Based Fragrances.

    If you order this kit today, you will get the following samples:

    Unisex Selection

    01. Amaani
    02. Hayaa
    03. Private Musk
    04. Secret Musk
    05. Daeeman
    06. Rose Malaki
    07. Mukhalat Malaki
    08. Musk Malaki
    09. Kashkha (Oil)
    10. Noora Onyx [leans feminine]

    Masculine Selection

    11. Jawad
    12. Attar Mubakhar

    Feminine Selection

    13. Amaali
    14. Hayfa
    15. Jamila
    16. Layali Rouge
    17. Layali
    18. Noora
    19. Rasheeqa (CPO Version)
    20. Yulaali
    21. Zahra

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    Finer Details: 

    • Vegan and Cruelty-Free Oil Based Perfumes
    • Beautiful Gift Offering
    • Comes in an attractive bottle
    • Packaged in a velvet bag 
    • Can be applied to Skin & Clothing 
    • 100% natural, alcohol-free fragrance