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Antalya ♀

A mild but unforgettable feminine fragrance.

Light, sweet, fresh. Antalya is simple but pretty and undeniably feminine. This scent embodies the playful spirit and youthful vigor of today's modern women. Wear year round or as a lighter fragrance for spring and summer. It’s also the perfect scent for an evening of romance.

Antalya is for ladies who prefer floral and fruity aromas. Enjoy delicious notes of watermelon and violet at the top. As the scent trails toward the heart, floral notes take you on a sweet aromatic journey as it then leads to notes of patchouli, white amber and musk at the base.

Wear this CPO just for you or to treat the senses of the one you love.

Olfactory Information:
Top Notes: violet, watermelon (floral, fruity)
Middle Notes: flowers (floral)
Base Notes: amber, musk, patchouli (woody)

Fragrance category: Floral Fruity

Every artisan blend batch is unique;
We use natural ingredients in our niche perfumes and fragrance oils. Because the climatic and seasonal conditions during harvest tend to change, the properties of the aroma and colour of the fragrance will change, resulting in slight variations in the product itself or its colour.

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