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Royal Oud 7oz Glass Candle with Golden Lid

PEARLA·NERA Collection

Olfactory Information:

Calcification: Powdery / Amber / Coconut

  • Top Notes: Spices/Bergamot/Rose/Brown Sugar
  • Mid Notes: Cedarwood/Iris/Vanilla/Milk With Honey
  • Base Notes: Balsamic Accord/Musk/Sandalwood/Tonka Beans

Transform your home into your sanctuary by lighting this luxurious scented candle from our Private PEARLANERA Collection. Based on the deep Oriental notes of oudh these fragrance combine beautifully with rich spices and woody notes creating a perfume with a distinctive character.

Its soothing scent can help relax you for up 60 hours.

The beautiful candle is a perfect addition to any decor, either in your own home or as a gift to another. When empty, clean out the candle and use it to hold flowers, pencils or brushes.

This collection includes total of 6 scent choices, so be sure to check them all out.

  1. Royal Oud
  2. Supreme Oud
  3. Oud Immortal
  4. Oud Absolute